Lucas Valente

Scent of her gardenias

Friday 25 June 2021 live from Theater Rotterdam – Tickets 

The duet “Scent of her gardenias” by the brazilian choreographer Lucas Valente brings on stage a forbidden relationship. The piece is based on the story of the book “Of love and other demons”, from the Colombian writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez, and aims to bring the same mysterious, aggressive and magic feeling to the stage.

What do you wish to cause with your choreography?                                  First, my music choice aims to touch some “sacred feelings” on who watches, followed by a very strange feeling, to finally forget about the music. The beginning of the piece is all about delicacy, almost magical and sensitive feelings, and the second part brings a soft-aggressive relation, aiming also to confuse the eyes of who watches. I wish first to “soften” the heart of who watches, bringing some aesthetic pleasure, almost a smile. Then, after getting the confidence of the audience, I wish to trigger doubts and discomfort. Just like the feeling I got when I read the book.

RIDCC gives the opportunity to meet with other dance makers, lovers and supporters. The excitement of being in an ambience different from the one I am used to produce and perform. The inspiration of watching works from different minds and bodies.