Donate once or periodically

Donate once or periodically

Support the following generation choreographers

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Would you like to support RIDCC with a one-off or periodic donation and take advantage of (extra) tax benefits? All donations, however small or large, are most welcome! RIDCC will use your donation to keep expanding our festival. In collaboration with national and international dance institutions, RIDCC creates a support-based environment where new choreographic talent can develop and where they are provided with outstanding career opportunities.

We will keep building to contribute to a professional, diverse and self-developing dance art for a healthy society. RIDCC has been designated a Cultural ANBI. This makes your donation 125% tax deductible.


One-off or annual donations that are not periodic are tax deductible from 1% of your threshold income with a minimum of € 60 per year. No donation agreement is required for an ordinary donation. You must, however, be able to prove your donation to the tax authorities, for example by means of a bank statement. You can easily transfer a regular donation via your own bank to account number  NL 85 INGB 0008 0062 28 in the name of Stichting MiMa. Or click here to donate. 

Periodic donation

A periodic donation is a donation over a period of at least five years and of (approximately) the same amount per year. There is no minimum for a periodic donation, but you must submit the agreement Periodic donation in cash with Stichting MiMa. Complete the agreement in duplicate and send it to us. If you want to pay by direct debit, you also fill in the Payment Power of Attorney.

You can send it to: Stichting MiMa, Compagniestraat 17,  3024 SB Rotterdam or by mail to

Calculation example

With an average income and age below 65 years.

You donate annually € 100,- € 250,- € 500,-
Deductible donation € 125,- € 312,- € 625,-
Your advantage € 52,- € 131,- € 250,-
You pay net € 48,- € 119,- € 238,-

Calculate your exact benefit with the calculation tool at