RIDCC accepts duets ( 2 persons on stage ) with a length of minimum 7 and maximum 12 minutes only. 

Please read the requirements thoroughly to have your entry accepted.

  1. RIDCC is open for all styles!
  2. Choreographers may participate in the competition with a duet piece (a max of two performers on stage) that hasn’t been performed on stage for the first time before March 2019. The duration of the performance can’t be longer than 12 minutes. The applicant is free in choice of subject and music. The piece may be interpreted by the choreographer him/herself.
  3. The video can be a rehearsal video or a performance video. The video can be cut and edited.
  4. Please cut and edit your video to the desired length. This means not sending in duets of more than 13 minutes. 
  5. The application must be filled in online before Sunday 12 March 2023, 23.59 o’clock midnight CET and is only complete with sending an online link with the choreographic work which shall be presented at the festival. Only complete applications which are handed in within the deadline are considered.
  6. There is no entrance fee. A pre-jury, consisting of 5 pre-jury members, will select the choreographers who are invited to participate in the competition. Admission to the competition is subject to the pre-jury consent. The successful choreographers will receive an invitation by phone by 9 April 2023 at the latest. The competitors must confirm acceptance by 12 April 2023. If the competitors do not accept in time, the invitation will expire. Before 22 April 2023 the 16 selected choreographers will be officially announced. 
  7. Competitors are obliged to be available for performances and lighting rehearsals on 21 June 2023 and on the three festival days from 22-24 June 2023. They agree to be available for rehearsals, interviews, recordings, meeting with sponsors and photos free of charge.  They agree for this data to be used for (free) publicity in print or digital (via social media). The lighting day on 21 June is negotiable if you really cannot attend. 
  8. The semi-finals of the competition will take place on Thursday and Friday evening in Theater Rotterdam. The final will be held on Saturday evening in Theater Rotterdam. The decision of the jury concerning the nomination for the final will be announced on Friday evening. The finalists will again present their piece on Saturday. All participants will stay until the end of the festival, as semi finalists can still win a Partner Award.
  9. The decision of the jury is final. If a competitor is a student or company member of one of the jurors, the particular juror will withhold his vote.
  10. The participants will be accommodated at a Hotel in a double room, there is a possibility that you have to share the room with another participant. The organizer takes care of the hotel costs (incl. breakfast) and pays a subsidy of max. 250 euro towards the travel expenses per person for all participants (for dancers and choreographers, not for assistants or managers). 
  11. Technical data – Semi-final and Final – Main stage at Theater Rotterdam Schouwburg. black dance floor; black curtain, backdrop and wings black. Please use as few props and decor as possible and bring the music on a USB stick.
  12. When using props and decor. You are responsible for bringing and taking care of your own props and decor. As RIDCC we try to help and fulfill your wishes. 
  13. The Partner Awards will be handed out by and chosen by the director of each company. The aim is to give away each Partner Award to the choreographer they choose and find suitable for their company. If they do not find a match for their company then it is not guaranteed that the Partner Awards will be given away.
  14. The jury will choose the finalists and the winner of the XL Production Award. 
  15. The Partner Awards and the XL Production Award will be given away at the festive award ceremony on Saturday 24 June 2023. All participants must attend this ceremony as finalists and semi finalists can receive a Partner Award.
  16. The content of the website can be changed at any time.
  17. Music licensing will be organised by the participants.
  18. RIDCC finds it important that, in addition to the competition, the choreographers are assisted in their development as choreographer, maker and as human beings. Therefore RIDCC offers various peripheral programming. RIDCC appreciates that the workshops are attended.
  19. COVID-19: If the corona measures are still in effect by RIDCC 2023, there is a chance that RIDCC 2023 will become a digital edition. The selected participants will be informed of this decision and conditions by the 22th of April 2023.
  20. All purchased flights must be booked with cancellation insurance.


The XL Production Award winner(s) agree(s) with : 

The XL production award is a full-fledged production by Scapino Ballet Rotterdam with the guarantee of an independent process and a tour of approximately 30 performances. The largest production prize in the Netherlands that does justice to the unique collection of RIDCC choreographers. The XL Production Award is a co-production between RIDCC and Scapino Ballet Rotterdam.

1.You are obliged to submit a short projectplan and target planning for the XL production, towards RIDCC at within 2 months after the fifth edition of RIDCC (before 30-08-2023).

2.The main prize from a value of a € 100.000 will not be paid in cash, but will be managed by Scapino Ballet Rotterdam and RIDCC in consultation with the winners. The prize will give the winners the opportunity to create a choreography-production in the Netherlands at Scapino Ballet Rotterdam.

3.Scapino Ballet Rotterdam follows Dutch law and the Collective Labor Agreement for Theater and Dance. The choreographer will receive a fair remuneration calculated by the Dutch law and the Collective Labor Agreement for Theater and Dance. Scapino Ballet Rotterdam and RIDCC have the last say when it comes to rewarding and paying expenses and fees related to the production and entering into other obligations with (financial) consequences.

4.The XL Production Award is meant to stimulate the Dutch dance field in an international context. Therefore the production will take place at Scapino Ballet Rotterdam. The choreographers can collaborate with top international dancers, which benefits the quality of their work and benefits from the network that Scapino and RIDCC have. Scapino Ballet Rotterdam gives the full artistic freedom to an independent jury to choose a winner. RIDCC deploys its own dramaturge to closely monitor and guide the process. Ed Wubbe artistic director of Scapino Ballet Rotterdam ensures an autonomous artistic process for the choreographer. RIDCC assures the winners of a festive and grand premiere, to which we invite the dance field, the press with appropriate marketing attention.

5.‘Target planning of the XL Production Award: The planning of rehearsal period and montage periode will be decided in consultation with Scapino ballet Rotterdam.

6.The XL Production Award prize winner is supposed to work by appropriate social values during the creation proces and on stage; an emotionally safe working environment, freedom of expression, equality, respect and honesty are the standards. Next to that a good workplace culture is very appreciated.

7.The XL Production Award prize winner will be bound by technical provisions and possibilities that will be determined and shared before the creation process by the direction of Scapino Ballet Rotterdam.

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