RIDCC 2023

“The world’s biggest choreographic duet competition”

20-24 June 2023 
Theater Rotterdam

In June 2023 international dance talent from all over the world will travel to Rotterdam for the fifth edition of the Rotterdam International Duet Choreography Competition (RIDCC). A must for all dance lovers! Sixteen choreographic talents present multi-styled, innovative, and remarkable duets, while competing for outstanding awards. Book your tickets and discover the work of a new generation of dance artists.

The event
RIDCC is very excited to present this vibrant and unique event, where sixteen chosen ones – from more than 300 contestants – will compete for outstanding awards. During the preliminaries on June 22rd and 23th you will witness the sixteen, multi-styled duets. On Saturday June 24th we conclude the festival with a grand finale, showing the duets selected by a renowned jury. From these selected duets, the jury will determine the winner of the XL Production Award, while RIDCC’s partners choose the winners of the Partner Awards from all sixteen participants. Finally, while enjoying drinks and a bite to eat, you will decide which talented choreographer gets granted the Audience Award. Former dancer and Dutch actor Jan Kooijman will keep the audience in suspense, announcing the festival’s winners during a festive award ceremony. An extra feature of this upcoming edition will be the performance of 2018 RIDCC participants Anna Jacobs and Hanna Van Der Meer, aka Lunatics and Poets. Remarkably, Lunatics and Poets has developed into one of the most eye-catching and successful young choreographers of our time and, specifically for RIDCC 2023, they will present their beautiful work The People Look Like Flowers At Last. 
Dance workshops
Are you not only a dance lover, but also interested in the art of choreography? During the RIDCC event, amazing dance workshops will be offered. 

RIDCC looks forward to taking you on this exclusive journey to discover the work of a new generation of dance artists.

Program RIDCC International Competition
Thu 22 June 8:00 pm semifinal –  TR Schouwburg grote zaal.
Fri 23 June 8:00 pm semifinal –  TR Schouwburg grote zaal.
Sat 24 June 8:00 pm final –  TR Schouwburg grote zaal.