RIDCC 2024

 Springboard for choreographic talent worldwide

RIDCC is a unique annual dance festival that brings together new choreographic voices with renowned artistic leaders and programmers, both nationally and internationally. Up-and-coming choreographic talents from all over the world, in all imaginable dance styles, participate in a duet competition, where they can win outstanding awards. During the five-day festival and beyond, the choreographers take part in a talent development programme, providing them with tools to engage in the dance world in a professional and self-confident manner. The purpose of RIDCC is to promote diversity and innovation within the art of dance, by engaging unique, choreographic talent. Through both the competition, as well as the workshops and activities focused on artistic growth, RIDCC aspires to be the best possible springboard for choreographic talent. All of this takes place in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, which makes this city the place to discover the work of a new generation of dance artists from across the world. 

Inclusion and connection
RIDCC believes that a professional, innovative and self-developing dance art contributes to a healthy and diverse society. Rooted in a strong network of leading Dutch and international dance institutions, RIDCC is committed to connecting artistic leaders and programmers to new, multi-styled choreographers. The result is a strong and creative community in which discussions combined with the needs and knowledge of the dance world are central. Providing up-and-coming choreographers with opportunities to present themselves, and offering them the chance to develop professionally are at the core of RIDCC.

“RIDCC provides great possibilities for networking, both for the contestants and the jury. The vibrant event provides professional set up for the emerging talent to present choreography. The days are filled with artistic growth and many future creative collaborations are established.” 

Duet Competition: unique worldwide
The duet competition with a collection of choreographers in all imaginable dance styles is the key element of RIDCC. This event is unique in the Netherlands and even worldwide. RIDCC fosters a valuable partnership with leading Dutch and international dance institutions, who are committed to creating outstanding awards. The final competition will result in one winner of the XL Award, which is a truly unprecedented prize in the international dance world! This prize, acknowledged by a professional jury, enables the winning choreographer to create a complete professional production with Scapino Ballet Rotterdam. Furthermore, the contestants compete for the Partner Awards, which are offered by a selection of dance companies and institutions, and finally the Audience Awards, granted by the public. The awards lead to great visibility within the dance world; access to a valuable network, and the unique experience of a production process within a company.

“RIDCC has been a once in a lifetime experience. It was a celebration of creativity and art. Of course, winning three very important prizes made our experience even more precious and offered us opportunities we were dreaming of for a very long time!”

More about the awards.

Talent development program: professionalisation in the dance world
Importantly, RIDCC believes that taking part in the festival itself is the most meaningful prize there is to win. Renowned professionals such as Peggy Olislaegers and Eldridge Labinjo offer the selected choreographers a full programme of workshops, master classes, network meetings and coaching sessions. The focus on professional development is not limited to the three-day festival itself but also extends far beyond the event: access to an exclusive network, continuous opportunities to develop skills, and the sharing of knowledge with other professionals are all part of this. In this way, young talents are provided with meaningful tools to engage in the dance world in a professional and self-confident manner.

“RIDCC is more than a competition. It helped bring me together with artists and thinkers outside my own small circle, meeting people I never would have met otherwise. It helped re-define what dance can be, and clarified why I make my work. I am forever thankful for the opportunity, without winning a single prize.”