Zoi Efstathiou

We find each other in the Plenum

Friday 25 June 2021 live from Theater Rotterdam

In an empty space, surrendered to its simplicity, everything is reflected. The piece focuses on pure movement and repetition.

What do you wish to cause with your choreography?

`We find each other in the Plenum` was created by transforming one of my secret stories into movement. We challenge the audience to discover or create the secret story that the two dancers share on stage. It is a piece surrendered to a hypnotic character which comes from the repetition of movement. I focused on the simplicity that is missing from our lives. I do not aim to impress, but to share a secret story. I aim to raise questions with the audience about the uncertain future and the suspended present we are experiencing. Τhe first part is paralleled with the achievements of human beings and with a machine that works perfectly. But the second part, unlike the first, parallels with the uncertain future after the pandemic and after every human achievement. Life is full of fluctuations and surprises.

I find it is extremely interesting the fact that this is a competition only for duets. I`ve been always interesting the the transformation that can be submitted by 2 bodies. Ιt is very tempting to know that dance duets will be performed by artists from all over Europe. Especially this year, all these special circumstances have intensified my desire to create, to be inspired by other artists and to share my work.`We find each other in the Plenum` is my first complete choreographic work which I`m very emotionally attached to. This piece is very important for me as it completes me as a human being and as an artist.

I believe that RIDCC will offer me a safe environment to present my first completed work. At the same time, it will help me to enrich my knowledge through artistic exchange with other choreographers from Europe. Finally, the prizes of the competition are very important for the beginning of a new artist. We are all aware of the difficulties of young artists in terms of funding or even their selection at international festivals. However, I believe that RIDCC will give me the opportunity for a dynamic start and an impulsion for creation and artistic sharing at a high level.