Winston Ricardo Arnon & Pamela Monreale

Lost and Maybe Found

Thursday 24 June 2021 live from Theater Rotterdam

The duet “Lost and Maybe Found” is based on human communication. The Swiss based choreographers Winston Ricardo Arnon (NL) & Pamela Monreale (IT) aim to establish a fresh and spontaneous connection between the performers and the audience.

What do you wish to cause with your choreography?                              

As this duet is based on a human communication we would like establish a fresh and spontaneous connection between us performing and the audience. We hope we can intrigue the interest of the audience on the detailed movement quality that we persisted on giving attention to. We wish that, emotionally, they can recognise themselves in it and have a moment of catharsis.

It is beautiful to see how this competition is growing and positioning itself to become a pilar for emerging choreographers. This platform will inspire us to meet other fellow choreographers and dancers. It creates a community by bringing and connecting people together. By giving workshops and creating this space to perform. Already being invited to perform in such a platform is a great opportunity. Any of these prices would be a great journey for us and we will be happy to share our work with the audience, jury and people watching from home. We see RIDCC as a springboard and support system that provides a necessary link between emerging choreographers and a very high level of artistic scene. The trajectory does not end with this competition, but there is also an interest to keep on following the artist during their continuation of their journey.