Vittoria Franchina & Giovanni Leone


Thursday 24 June 2021 live from Theater Rotterdam

The duet “FLOATING” by the Italian choreographers Vittoria Franchina & Giovanni Leone is based on the digital era we live in. One of the main characteristics of the digital era we live in is the fact that our senses are constantly stimulated; the Internet gives us simple, free and unlimited access to any information, making us always ask for more.

What do you wish to cause with your choreography?

“Floating” is an invitation to reflect on the side effects and risks associated with hyperconnection, suggested to the audience through moving images. The two subjects on the scene manipulate each other, influence each other, mechanically repeat the same gestures, trapped in a stream that drags them further and further away from reality. There are no pauses granted, there is no time to think and compare, everything must continue to flow relentlessly, along a single line of thought that denies any deviation.

We registered for RIDCC because it is way more than a competition: it is a huge opportunity to enter the international dance scene and get access to a new network formed by a great variety of artists and personalities. We think that RIDCC will give us the chance to learn a lot from the choreographers, the dancers and all the people involved in it. 
It will also bring visibility to our work, challenging us in front of a new audience.