David Gross & Matteo Santoro

La bohème


Friday 25 June 2021 live from Theater Rotterdam

The duet “La bohème” by the swiss urban inspired choreographers David Gross & Matteo Santoro represents the fusion between two humans through dance. It is the connection between two souls that unite through sound and dance. In the rhythm of the music, an energy develops and sets in motion an infallible process, based on trust and harmony. The distance is only the confirmation of the strength of this bond.

What do you wish to cause with your choreography?

Brotherly love, the purity of a sincere friendship. We also want to represent the hip-hop culture that deserves its place in theatres

We are Swiss dancers, the opportunities in our country are limited. We are hungry for experience and challenge, we want to take our art beyond our borders. RIDCC is a real goal for us, we love choreographic competitions and we think it can bring us a lot in our career. We see your event as a springboard.

But above all, it’s about meeting people, exchanging with other dancers and discovering new worlds. We think that this platform comes at a perfect time in our career and that it can allow us to prove ourselves abroad and to challenge ourselves with dancers who excel around the world.