RIDCC is the platform for choreographers

A Dutch platform for choreography that is supported by the international dance scene

RIDCC offer various great opportunities and possibilities to choreographers to enter the dance field in a professional manner, we aspire to be the best possible springboard for choreographic talent.

RIDCC believes that a professional, diverse and self-developing dance art contributes to a healthy society. Bringing together choreographers, artistic leaders and programmers is the key to a dialogue in which dilemmas, needs and knowledge of the dance world will be central. The competition with a unique collection of choreographers in all imaginable dance styles remains the most important part of the festival. The awards offer unique visibility, a network and the knowledge of a production process within a company. With this RIDCC offers the possibility to create a choreography in a professional manner in the dance field under the guidance of RIDCC and a partner of a renowned dance company or institution.

Through the competition and the initiation of a dialogue and guidances, we aspire to be the best possible springboard for choreographic talent.

Offer opportunities

The aim of this competition is to stimulate and offer opportunities to choreographers from all over the world. Thanks to this competition, the XL Production Award, the Audience Award and the Partner Awards that will be offered by several renowned dance companies and institutions the new choreographers will get the opportunity to develop themselves further by integrating in the professional dance world.

The competition enables choreographers to present themselves to an expert jury and to experience the advantages of professional staging. It also provides them with the opportunity to exchange ideas with colleagues and the audience. RIDCC also provides the choreographers with professional and human guidance, by one of the best coaches Peggy Olislaegers, what will help them in their future career.

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