Contestants 2022

RIDCC 2022 – The winners of RIDCC 2022

We have our winners!

RIDCC 2022 has come to an end.

XL Production Award
The winner of the fourth edition RIDCC is Olivia Court Mesa! Olivia Court Mesa from Israel/Chili won the XL Production Award with the piece ‘I carry, you hold’.

Audience Award
Olivia Court Mesa

Partner Award – Nederlands Dans Theater
Anat Oz
Partner Award – Dutch National Ballet 
Beatriz Mira & Tiago Barreiros
Partner Award – Korzo Partner
Liam Francis
Partner Award – Sally 
Liam Francis
Partner Award – Skånes Dansteater
Liam Francis
Partner Award – Club Guy & Roni
Olivia Court Mesa
Partner Award – Codarts Rotterdam
Noam Segal & Tamara Dekel London
Partner Award – MiR Dance Company 
Olivia Court Mesa
Partner Award – Dansateliers
Liam Francis
Partner Award –  Avant Garde Dance
Selene Martello & Dario Wilmington

All participants of RIDCC 2022

  • Mehdi Berdai

Music: G.F. Händel, Academy of Ancient Music / Christopher Hogwood, Timothée Zurbuchen

Co-choreography: Héloïse Marcacci

Dancers: Laura Dicembrino and Mehdi Berdai

  • Liam Francis

Music: ‘Where to Start?’ by Jacob Wye

Dancers: Liam Francis & Antonello Sangirardi

  • Lotem Regev

Music: Mattheus Van Rossum

Dancers: Sándor Petrovics, Lotem Regev

  • Alesya Dobysh & Marina Pravkina

Music: Max Frimout

Dancers: Alesya Dobysh & Marina Pravkina

  • Juan Tirado & Marco di Nardo

Music: Andrea Buttafuoco – inzio, Andrea Buttafuoco – Humo Arbol – moon Shadowed

Dancers: Juan Tirado & Marco di Nardo

  • Megan Doheny & Ilya Nikurov

Music: Original music by Dylan Tedaldi,  Piano Quartet in A minor by Mahler, Ghost Train Digest by The Books

Dancers: Megan Doheny & Ilya Nikurov

  • Noam Segal & Tamara Dekel London

Music: AAA AAA- by Marina Abramovic’ & Ulay Laysiepen (1978), Tezeta- by Getatchew Mekurya.

Dancers: Noam Segal & Tamara Dekel London

  • Paxton Ricketts & Boston Gallacher

Music: “Fromme” by Loscil, “Monte Carlo” by Remi Wolf

Dancers: Paxton Ricketts & Boston Gallacher

  • Anat Oz

Music: ‘Don Quixote’ –  Grand pas de deux , by  Ludwig Minkus

Dancers: Anat Oz & Shani Licht

  • Beatriz Mira & Tiago Barreiros

Music: Pedro Barreiros

Costumes: Sara Leme

Dancers: Beatriz Mira & Tiago Barreiros

  • Charles Antoni

Music: A deeper dream – Atrium Carceri, Cities Last Broadcast, Try to Remember – Harry Belafonte

Dancers: Carolina Verra & Charles Antoni

  • Emrecan Tanis

Music: Mehmet Sadik Tanis – “Into the mist” Debussy – Clair de lune / recomposed by Mehmet Sadik Tanis

Dancers: Katariina Luukas & Konsta Roos

  • Olivia Court Mesa (in collaboration with Yochai Ginton)

Music: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart/ Piano Concerto No.23 in A Major, K.488: II.Adagio.

Dancers: Olivia Court Mesa Yochai Ginton

  • Selene Martello & Dario Wilmington

Music: Dario Wilmington – Rework of ” Frakture” by Margaret Noble

Dancers: Selene Martello & Dario Wilmington


  • Vittorio Pagani 

Dancers: Rebecca Moriondo and Vittorio Pagani